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High Lift Jacking Practice


Its been so long since I’ve used a high lift jack (can’t on a Discovery 3) that I thought I better practice a bit , before I needed to use it in anger . I was quite impressed with the articulation from the OME leaf springs .


Still on the ground , I was worried I might run out a jack at one point


Finally clear

The front wasn’t bad either


Still touching


Just clearing

2 thoughts on “High Lift Jacking Practice

  1. OK, so I have been ‘out of the loop’ for a while. But I am very happy to see that there is still a lot of ‘overlanding’ going on in South Africa.

    However, there has been a big change. I see you have a cruiser now – do you still have the Defender, Series III and Range Rover?

    – Olaf

  2. Yo Olaf – long time – what you up to ?

    Yup all the above long gone , also had 2 D3’s and a trailer in between , but now back to basics with the crooza .

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