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Don’t date a Defender (or Crooza) owner

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From the Overland Forum ….

He is the one with std short back and sides. He will only pay R50  for a haircut.

His T-shirts will be full of holes and oil stains of various shades from 15-40w, EP90, Dot 4 and Dexron III, kudos if you can identify each one.

He will have stubble or a beard not because it suits him just because its easier. His skin is burnt with multiple tan lines (especially the right arm), open wounds, bites and scars, nearly all of which will be visible. But for every scar there is an interesting story.

You might find him in a back street garage in the pit or under a ramp, or at a book store browsing the Haynes Defender manuals although he “only uses them for reference.”

Don’t date a Defender , owner because he treasures experiences over shiny material possessions (olive drab or desert tan material possessions are acceptable), function over the comfort of a tarted up gay 4×4, a hand-woven paracord bracelet over a Rolex (unless it’s the Explorer, the Explorer is cool).

He will scoff when he hears the evil words, Toyota, Cruizer, Hilux, or Prado.

Don’t date a Defender owner because he’s not focused on a single life goal but enlivened by many.

Don’t date an Defender owner He is stubborn, direct and near impossible to please. The usual dinner-movie date will suck the life out of him (he may even refuse!). He craves for new experiences and adventures. He will be unimpressed with your R 1000 haircut and your overpriced shoes especially when you struggle to gracefully get out of his lifted Defender rolling on BF MT’s, trying not to get your Dior dress dirty.

Don’t date a Defender owner because he will insist to clear customs and immigration on his own at every border crossing.

All the while he is busy preparing his  Rig for the “Big One”.

He won’t party at Fabric or Pasha and he will never splash R 1000  on a night of clubbing as this is equivalent to three weeks diesel supply, 100’s of kilometres of no roads and endless wild camping some-place far, far more exciting.

Chances are, he’s probably daydreaming about moving on. He doesn’t want to keep working his ass off for someone else’s dream. He has his own and is slowly working towards it.

Don’t waste his time complaining about your boring job that your stuck in, he doesn’t want to hear it. If you don’t like it do something about it.

(here’s the original http://siroccoverland.com/2014/02/10/dont-date-an-overlander/)




One thought on “Don’t date a Defender (or Crooza) owner

  1. Thanks for sharing this. As a Defender owner it was pretty much what I was thinking and where we were coming from! Keep following http://www.siroccoverland.com

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