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2012/04 Hennops

I thought it would be a good idea to test Bo’s handling with the camper on and the new mods.
It was also the first time I would be going offroad in the car. I was very impressed with the drivabilty in low range , and there is a lot more low down torque than I was expecting.
The Old Man Emu suspension also provided a lot more articulation than I expected as well. Other than one really scary moment when I rolled back into a washout , and needed 3 people one the front to keep the wheels on the ground we had a great day, and I think I made the car do much more than it should ever need to when overlanding, but it would have been nice to have some mud and sand testing as well .
I think I will be fitting air bags to help stiffen up the rear a bit .
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All photos courtesy Jacque Fernihough (had to find some use for him)

2 thoughts on “2012/04 Hennops

  1. Good to see Landys & Cruisers socialising!
    Was the Defender & Cruiser (emu) articulation about the same, or is the Defender still much greater?

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