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Camper Version 2

Sourced this from Mike Bands after he advertised it on the Overland Forum

Much better than version 1 , as it is from a 79 Series and needed no mods

View from the back . You gotta love the 70’s kitsch upholstery . The 2 single beds can be made into one big bed

Fold out stove

Pop up roof seen from the front

Cupboards on both sides of the door

Pull out draw under the beds and more packing space in the beds

Packing space at the front over the cab

Rear packing space on both sides

Camper on it’s “stilts”. Although it is very quick to take on and off , my plan is to leave it on permanently

Car reversed under camper. All that’s necessary now is to lower jacks and bolt on

Back view with roof open (I will be changing the tyre as soon as I can find another BFG)

It’s not really necessary to open the roof , as there is plenty of headroom , but it does help with cooling

Two solar panels on the roof

14 thoughts on “Camper Version 2

  1. When is the “test” weekend ?

  2. Those round tubes, does Jagermeister bottles fit in there? Could be the ideal liquir magazine 🙂

  3. BTW, can you see past the camper with the standard mirrors?

  4. We’re going to Hennops next Saturday and then a braai afterwards. All welcome

  5. @Mike – hardly at all , will have to buy some caravan mirrors

  6. Heine:

    Some pics from the inside?

    Also, regarding mirrors – you are going to struggle to find ones that do not bounce so bad they give you a headache. Better to look for truck mirrors that you can mount to the metal of the doors with a neat bracket so should you wish to remove you can.
    I’ve got the best caravan mirrors I could get, but still had to add a stabilizer bar back to the door. The standard mirror on the cruiser is not designed, nor strong enough to support an outrigger.


  7. What tyre size do you need for the camper spare? Rather space up the rear view mirror with alu spacers , a caravan mirror will drive you crazy, cheers ,B

  8. Fit one of those video camera/screen combos that fit to the rear view mirror, helps when you reverse.

    That fridge is a 60l Minus 40

  9. 1)What does it weigh?
    2) Does the vehicle sway a lot more with the camper on? If it does airbags will help. If you do fit airbags please let us know how much articulation chages.
    3)Those side tubes are for water, are they? How many litres?

  10. looks very cool

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