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Posts along Hunter’s Road

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Came across these on our latest trip up Hunter’s Road (July 2016). They seem to be railway tracks that have been placed in concrete and some have a numbered disc as well . Any ideas what they could be for? I doubt that it’s for a boundary fence , as it is too low , but it does seem to follow the border line , other than the double ones which are at 90 deg to the rest.



One thought on “Posts along Hunter’s Road

  1. Evening Heine

    Only half tongue in cheek I invited you on 4x4community to join us on Bots’s Hunters Road +/- 2nd week of October. My wife Margot & I will otherwise be alone, our friends having rushed off to work after Moremi, Savuti, Linyanti, Chobe.
    Thanks for your useful Hunters Road posts.

    We met many years ago at Darkest Africa near Weenen with Hennie Rautenbach’s Overland group. I live in Durban. We’re leaving on Friday 8th Sept to imFolozi GR then Mapungubwe via Jhb , entering Bots at Pont Drift on Friday 5 Sept.
    have a 76 Cruiser, ie the 4.2 1 HZ engine, so slow on the open road.

    It would be great if you can join us, if only from Chobe southwards.

    Dave Raulstone
    031 7675904

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