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HID Xenon Lights

I have converted both my headlights and foglights to HID lights . Besides being much brighter than standard , they also have a much whiter light and only draw 35 W per pair

They are quite easy to install , as they just plug into your existing wiring loom

4 thoughts on “HID Xenon Lights

  1. Heine,
    Be careful with those HID lights. I put them on my Hilux but soon took then off as I found that, at night, reflective things like road signs are visible from fffaaarrrrr away but non reflective things like people and animals become invisible until very close.

  2. waar het jy die stel gekry en wat het jy betaal??

  3. Be aware that switching to HID with standard reflectors is illegal, and if there is a smart traffic cop around, he might have a fine time with your conversion! HID requires a different reflector design to yield the results desired, a standard reflector will create much more glare at the cost of long range focus, so actually may be more dangerous (for you) than beneficial. But that’s your choice….

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