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Thought I’d keep files here that might come in useful


More details on Tracks for Africa for Caska

Tracks4Africa iGo 8 product details

iGO8_T4A2012 Quick Start Guide


Botswana Foot and Mouth Press Release April 2011 Press Release


Letter of clarification from Director of Veterinary Services  Botswana Foot & Mouth Letter


2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. excellent! any idea of whether there are fuel after Hangwe? What were the police looking for on Zim side? We plan a three week trip in August and would like to prepare as much as possible.

    • No fuel in Hwange itself. There was supposedly fuel in Vic Falls , and maybe Hwange Town , but I can’t confirm either.

      The police were young guys and I suspect new to the job. They were just searching randomly and didn’t seem to be looking for anything in particular. I just stood to one side and let them do all the work , and they soon lost interest. Some of the other guys were more helpful and had a more thorough search 🙂

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