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AHA Camper

I replaced the Version 2 Camper with the AHA after reading this article


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I modified the windows , as I found the originals to be too small for adequate ventilation

Company website

11 thoughts on “AHA Camper

  1. Hi from Italy. My wife and I will be in Namibia for a month next october and we are uncertain between renting roof top tent or Aha camper. Our main concern is for dust. The RTT is firmly closed and when you open it everything inside should be clean, while I’m afraid that inside Aha could enter a lot of dust from sides and rear while driving on gravel roads. When you open it the bed is ready to be used (I mean already with sheet, blanket, etc.). Could you please help ? Many thanks. Ciao, Paolo

  2. Yes – we leave all our bedding in the camper

  3. I travel mainly on gravel roads in Namibia and the dust is always a problem. I would not dare to leave my bedding on the mattress while traveling. I tried all sorts of conversions but have to clean out the whole camper when we want to camp after a day’s traveling. Big frustration!

  4. Hi Heine

    I’m really interested to know what happened to you previous camper. I recently purchased a LC79 with one on it and I’m looking for some information. The guys who built them are no longer in business.

    • Sold it long ago. Not sure if you saw the sticker on mine but the contact number is(was) 016 365 5081

      • Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately they no longer in business.
        I’m in the process of upgrading the onboard systems and general layout of the camper.
        I’ve decided that I like her too much to replace her.
        I’m modernising the slide on-off and reinforcing key areas. Other than the shape, it will all be “new and improved”
        I love reading your trip reports and have found a lot of inspiration for future adventures.
        I’ve traveled extensively myself but never had a drive to share unfortunately.
        Thank you again and please keep your blog going for us silent adventurers.


  5. Hi Hein,

    I also have the Aha 45, and I’m experiencing the same problem with the small windows. I am also not a fan of the blue plastic that tends to sweat a lot. Would it be possible to share the details of who redid your windows?
    I’m eagerly looking to have mine replaced.


  6. Hi Leigh-Ann

    Not sure where you’re based . I had mine done here https://www.caconcepts.co.za/ .

    But any place doing canvas work should be able to assist


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