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Firestone Air Helpers

Initially I had these fitted when I had the camper attached. Since I have gone over to the AHA , they only really get used for leveling the car when camping




This tank gets pressurised by the ARB pump in the engine bay and is on a pressure switch , which is quite handy as it means I always have air immediately available.


The pressure in the bags can be adjusted with this in-cab controller pictured below




The bags can also be inflated manually with the 2 connectors (red and black pipes seen here) .

The coupling on the right is for my tyre inflation hose , which also uses the reservoir , so pumping up tyres is pretty quick  compared to just using a compressor


5 thoughts on “Firestone Air Helpers

  1. … and if you want to short term cross link them for a specific purpose, you can do it with a short jumper pipe between the two valves.

  2. BTW, I see very long exposed threads on your U-bolts. The thread can easily be damaged, making bolt removal(should it be necessary some time) a pain. I find that pushing (actually more screwing) a tight fitting piece of clear PVC, nylon, PU, or rubber pipe over the exposed thread help to protect them.

  3. Hi there

    please can you advise as to where i can buy the Firestone ride rites from in S.A , and who are the distributors


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