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Rear Wheel Carrier

I was looking for something lightweight , and as my existing bumper came with a detachable tow hitch receiver , I went for this option from Tauro ,part of  C-Group .







As can be seen here , the RWC arm fits into the existing tow hitch receiver




But I didn’t like the fact that it sat so far back , or the big gap between the bracket and the tailgate

So I moved the RWC slightly further back and swapped the wheel around , after making a few small mods to the bracket




It might not look as pretty , but it works for me 🙂

I received really great service from Andre ,and the best part was that it was just over R4000 .

The RWC can also be fitted to most makes of vehicle with a tow hitch

Andre can be contacted on 011 474 9022


2 thoughts on “Rear Wheel Carrier

  1. André Nel from Tauro has a wide range of 4×4 accessories and recovery equipment. Visit his website at http://www.tauro.co.za

  2. Hi thanks for postting this

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