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Recovery Equipment


After much head scratching I mounted the high lift jack and the spade on the back.


I didn’t want anything protruding too much on the sides , so I replaced my Mantec sand ladders with these glorified skateboards . Hopefully they will be OK

4 thoughts on “Recovery Equipment

  1. What is this “skateboard” like, have you tested it? I’m looking for some for our Nelson.

  2. No, not yet , Emanuel , they are a bit shorter than I would like , but seem to be quite strong . I bought 4 to play it safe

  3. Can now confirm that I have used them and they work well , but tend to get buried quite easily , you you have to do a bit of digging around to find them

  4. Heine, are they strong enough to act as “bridgies” over gullies etc? I’ve never had the need for such things, but quite often little bridges would have saved some effort / jigging around.

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