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Wheels and Tyres

I replaced the crap split rims with steel rims and also put on 265x75x16 BFG Mud Tyres . This is the first car I’ve had where mud tyres are a more comfortable ride than the original road tyres :-0

A lot of guys go for 285’s , but with 265’s the rolling circumference of the tyre is very close to original.

Of course now I will also have to add flares to the wheel arches , as the tyres stick out a bit

The TPMS is now also installed and working

I’ve noticed it under-reads by about .3 bar , but this is no different to previous systems I’ve had fitted in other cars. I’ve been told that it is because the sensors are calibrated for sea level.

6 thoughts on “Wheels and Tyres

  1. I always wondered why those tyre pressure monitors under-read. Thanks – now I know.

    • Mmm, makes sense. They probably have a sea level reference/bias pressure inside (generated by spring/diaphragm/other means). If you then check tyre gauge pressure up here (as you measure with an external gauge) against tyre pressure referenced to this “sea level” reference, you will see about 0.3 bar less. Also means the system will only start to respond when the tyre is pumped to 0.3 bar, and will show 0 pressure when there still is some air in the tyre. (I sometimes run my small offroad trailer on 0.3 bar!)

  2. Looks lekker……

  3. Fitted my TPMS today, readings are spot on as per my guage but i am at sea level… 🙂

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