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Batteries and charging

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I had 5 Optima Yellow Tops from the Disco and the trailer . I decided to use 4 as auxiliary batteries and also replaced the starting battery with one . I used a National Luna battery management system and a Link 10 for monitoring . As I had already removed the camper to have the load bay rubberised , it was quite easy to get to everything .


Two batteries each side of the camper. They are accessible through the hatches in the bed . I wanted to put them as far forward as possible and also balance the load , as the 4 come in at over 120 kg .


Left pair . The solenoid for the battery management system can be seen on the right hand side .


Right pair . The shunt for the Link 10 and the fuse box for both the Link 10 and the additional pumps for the fuel tanks (that are still to be added) can be seen on the right hand side

Below are some of the Link 10 display values


Current voltage on aux batteries (system not charging)


Current amp draw from aux batteries Shows as positive when the batteries are charging


Amps used to date . (Shows as zero when batteries are fully recharged )


Estimated hours left before user specified percentage of discharge is reached , based on Peukert’s Law


Battery in engine bay . It’s a tight fit but it makes it

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