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Bushveld Mosaic Part 1 , Kgaswane Mountain Reserve, 27 – 29 January 2017

This was our first weekend of the course offered by Bushveld Mosaic and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience , that also led to us learning something 🙂

The weekend was hosted at Kgaswane Mountain Reserve , and this was also an amazing discovery , so close to Rustenberg and yet so in the bsh

We arrived laste Friday afternoon and shortly after setting up camp , we attended our first session , which was largely a course outline preparing us for the year ahead

Afterwards we were treated to a suprise platter supper , which was great , as it had been raining most of the evening and I really didn’t feel like still having to prepare supper or braai .

Saturday morning lectures sarted bright and early at 7 AM

But I was lucky enough to see this at an ajoining campsite just before we started the day

The first lecture was soon interrupted by rain , so we moved back under cover and were given a team task that involved building a tower out of uncooked spaghetti and super glue.

The end result was never judged , but I’m sure we would have won 🙂

Ulrich Oberprieler of Ulrich Ecoventures then spent the rest of the day covering an Introductory Course In Ecology . 

Deep in discussion on a presentaion point

We ended the day at about 5.30 PM with an awesome game drive. Did I mention that we were just outside of Rustenberg 🙂

Saturday evening was spent over a communual braai , and I must admit I was asleep by 9.30 P.M.

Sunday started again at 7 AM , with the topics being Principles of Taxonomy and the conclusion of the Ecology module.

I would like to thank Ulrich and the Bush Mosaic guys for a really interesting and entertaining 2 days . So much better than self study , and I look forward to our next session in February which is to be held at Botsalano Game Reserve


In closing , some random shots of the campsite and the park .

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My new TPMS

I had a Tyre Dog TPMS on Bo , but don’t like the valve cap sensors. So I bought the an Aleen 509 solar unit to test on the Colt first.

Click on any pic for a larger view


I  ordered it with 5 internal sensors


Sure you need to have them fitted by a tyre fitment place , but once that is done , they are totally unobtrusive and it is very easy to reprogram the receiver whenever you rotate wheels



The receiver comes with a 12v cable , but I have found that the smallest amount of exposure to sunlight will give the unit enough charge to operate without ever needing the 12 v supply

The display rotates between the 4 main tyres and the spare , and you can also display the temperature .

There are user selectable settings for Bar/PSI , C/F and you can set maximum / minimum pressure warnings per axle , as well as maximum temperature

20140926_182227_Glenny Terrace


I ordered my unit online from Dawood at Tyrealert and it was delivered within 2 days.

He also has a range of other options available.


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