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Diesel fuel in the new 2.2 defender

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Below is a reply I had from LRSA when enquiring about running the new Puma on anything other than 50 ppm diesel .What is not made clear , but I did confirm it later , is that you will now be required to do a oil change every 5000 km .

50ppm is an indicator of the quantity of sulphur in the diesel fuel, and is governed by local legislation. Fuel specification EN590 / SANS342:2006 stipulates a maximum of 200ppm, this is the specification the vehicle has been manufactured to for ROW markets, this for our market dictates a reduced oil change interval at 6 months.

This sulphur component will as a result of the environment inside the motor and combustion processes develop into sulphuric acid. The higher the count the higher the conversion into acidic elements and so the snow ball effect keeps building.

To counteract these elements inside the motor the engineers have suggested an oil service routine which must be adhered to avoid risks from the acidic elements building up. this should suffice for use of the higher sulphur content fuel – note limits apply! The fuel must comply to either EN590 or SANS 342:2006 which defines maximum sulpher at 200ppm.

If higher sulphur level fuel is used as anticipated by the client then he will need to know that the engine oil changes will need to be more frequent – this preventative maintenance is not covered by Careplan. Please do inform the client of the increased service requirements whilst the vehicle operates in arduous enviroments

If the vehicle is equipped with DPF (currently not specified for SA) then you are limited to fuel with 50ppm and less as the sulphur components will block the DPF. Use of high sulphur fuel alone will not impact the warranty, not completing preventative maintenance will impact the warranty if damages is related to non compliant fuel and no preventative maintenance.

Best regards,

Kelvin Winter

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