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Botswana Zimbabwe June 2011

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27th June Day 3

After a family meeting, we decided that Hunters was a waste of time as we had seen almost no game.  We took the cutline just after Leadwood Pan (where I had managed to launch both the car and the trailer after hitting an ellie hole at pace) and headed for Pandamatenga to refuel.  The only filling station has now gone out of business, but we calculated that we should have enough fuel to do Hwange and to refuel again in Nata.

The border crossing was easy enough on the Botswana side but a new cop on the Zimbabwe side decided to search all 4 cars.  This delayed us by about an hour.

We reached Robins Camp at about 4.30 and decided to book into Deteema Dam campsite for 2 nights, and then to spend 2 nights in Vic Falls.

Deteema is currently being refurbished which is the only reason we managed to get in.

We saw quite a lot of game at the dam that evening and were visited by hyena during the night.


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